S.No. Topic Slides
I. demo-custom-instructions.pdf Download
II. demo-ropuf.pdf Download
III. handson-fault-dfia.zip Download
IV. handson-fault-flip.zip Download
V. slides-01-020816-Secure-Digital-Platforms.pdf Download
VI. slides-02-020816-FaultAnalysis.pdf Download
VII. slides-03-020816-PUF.pdf Download
S.No. Topic Slides
I. IngridPartI-INTRO-2016_4spp.pdf Download
II. PreneelBasicCrypto-PartII-Feb2016_6spp.pdf Download
III. IngridPartIII-SKeyHW-2016_4spp.pdf Download
IV. Ingrid2016PartIV-SCAIntro_4spp.pdf Download
V. IngridPartV-RNGIntro-2016_4spp.pdf Download
S.No. Topic Slides
I. Intro_PKC.pdf Download
II. SCA_PKC.pdf Download
III. OTA_on_ECC_new.pdf Download
IV. handson-day3.zip Download
S.No. Topic Slides
I. Leakage Resilience.pdf Download
II. Practical Countermeasures and LWC.pdf Download
III. Cloud Cache Attacks.pdf Download
IV. Apps n Protocol Attacks.pdf Download
V. handson-day4.tar.gz Download


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